6 Minutes to skinny is like 6 minutes of health in the morning. This program is made by  Craig Ballantyne and it’s dedicated to those who want to have a perfect body using a fast way. Fat burning is now safer and you won’t be exhausted after doing this program. It is made for all kind of audiance  who is tired of food diets or cardio.


By using this program you will learn how to create „Metabolic Cycle”  in only 6 minutes. You will also learn what kind of food to avoid,  what kind of shakes you should drink to be skinny and in a great shape.

The best thing of this program is the simplicity, everyone can acess it, can apply it’s rules in only 6 minutes. It is made for hard-working peoplewho doesn’t have the time to go to a gym everyday. It has two steps:  First of all you will learn how to make 4-minutes movement after that you will make a 2-minutes shake. Simple as that!


Every morning this program will guide you and will provide you some exercises. After all these exercises you will drink a shake full of proteins, perfect for a healthy body. You will love this program because it is very friendly with your schedule.

You will understand some basic things such as: your body is running  using  a metabolic cycle which is very active and important in the morning. It’s like a software which is getting updates everyday. You must take advantage of this cycle and you should give to your body healthy things for it to work properly. After this fat burnig program you will be more energetic, full of confidence and your body will burn fat faster .

Craig Ballantyne also speaks about hormons, enzymes and the way they affects our body. It is a complex thing to deal with and everyone knows that nowdays we deal with  lack of time.  6 Minutes to skinny is the answer for your problems. It is a great program with great results.

From the beggining you will see the results. You will recommend it to your friends, it is suitable for all your family. 6 Minutes to skinny will become a way to live your life from now on. You can watch to it during your holidays, before work or during weekends.And don’t forget to taste all the juicy shakes recomanded for you.